Ma Tara Palmo
is currently in Norway offering Sacred Womens Circles

 Inviting you to Dance your Mystery

  ℒƠѵℯ ♥

Every woman is a tremendous Gift, a powerful Medicine, a sacred Mandala. We open ourselves through rhythms and movements dancing the Sacred Shapes of life connecting us to the very essence of our being, we let go, we Surrender, moving into Stillness.

We dance into states of Trance as the ancient healers into dimensions of Awakening.

May all women connect and feel the Power and Abundance of sisters in Union, not in competition and scarcity, and share our deepest Gifts and Radiance of the Divine Feminine.

  Welcome to your Sacred Self Divine Dakini

~ Ma Tara Palmo

Special thanks for the photography offerings by Linn Heidi Knudsen, Slavicia Kostovski and Goldmun Lokic, to Honey Ramdhary for a very precious Lakshmi ritual offering  and to all the sacred sisters captured, keeping the flame of the feminine burning bright with her nurturing love, wisdom and grace. We can Only do this Healing work together.. no one above, no one below, but in a sacred circle United as One.