~ A Priestess ~

A Priestess is a vessel of Eternity… a servant of the Goddess, of Truth, of Beauty, of Wisdom, and a conduit of Love.  She is a woman awake in her femininity and the power of the Goddess in her body temple.  She is a spiritual activist doing the work of the Divine in the world. A seeker, a mystic, a poetess, a dancer, a lover, a warrior, a mother, a sorceress, a crone, the Priestess allows all of the ways of the lady to live in her.

She is a revolutionary force of kindness and compassion and strength and fortitude.  Dancing with the elements, she practices self-love as a devotion to the Goddess.  She listens. She responds. She is still and moving at the same time.  From her connection to Source, she is a beacon of spirit and soul, radiating blessings around her and enlivening any being who comes into contact with her.

Everyone is the artist of their lives, and the Priestess is trained to become a devotional artist of service and healing. She is rooted in her internal relationship with spirit and from there she can do inspired work in the world. A priestess can be a healer, a stay-at-home mother, a teacher, a CEO, a hermit; the particular expression of her service is as unique as each woman on the Path.

When a woman reclaims this archetype, she enters into seriously playful intimacy with the powers that create our lives.  She frees herself from the domesticated mind and roams purposefully in the wilds of her heart, letting her authentic nature guide her.

One of the names of the Goddess is, “She Who Hears the Cries of the World.” The Priestess hears these cries, she feels them in her body, indelibly etched in her cells.  The Priestess has an inborn sense of responsibility – literally the “ability to respond,” – which motivates her to a life of service.

She cultivates her life as a practical mystic, being a leader by her radical choice to fully inhabit her feminine nature.  The Priestess is a pillar of support and a chalice of guidance as humanity writes this next chapter of the Great Story.

~by Holly Hamilton

Your authenticity is mesmerising. Your vulnerability is captivating.

Your flaws are enchanting. Your light is breathtaking.

Your love is spellbinding.

You are magic.

– Greig Crippen