Awakening the Goddess Within


Dance of Truth and Love

Beloved Heart family
I have emerged out of the 49 day solitary retreat. It was an incredible blessing to receive this opportunity. I didn’t have much time to think as it presented itself only 10 days before the retreat started. I was simply at the right place at the right time. It was like a flower opening, a feeling of readiness, the divine was speaking to me through intuition and synchronicities that the moment was ripe to embark on such a deep inner soul journey. I surrendered and opened to the invitation with deep gratitude.
St Teresa of Avila says; Remember: If you want to make progress on the path and ascend to the places you have longed for, the important thing is NOT to think much, but to LOVE much and so to do whatever AWAKENS you to LOVE!
For most of my life, I have been a seeker of Truth and Love. I desperately wanted to unravel all the lies I had been told about who I am and how I should be in the society to fit into a structure that was killing my soul.
I was a rebel at school from a very young age. Something in me was furious at all the lies from my parents and other people in authority, like the church and the school system. I was SO angry! I used to get in trouble all the time and was expelled from high school.
I was told that God lives in a cloud up in the sky and that I am born a sinner. As children, we are so deeply connected to the truth. We are spontaneous and joyful, we let life pass through us deeply present in the moment as […]

Depth of the Heart

She realised that getting naked and vulnerable was the only way she would know the depth of her heart.

– Ma Tara Palmo

Sacred Surrender

One of the divine qualities of the feminine is surrender. The ability to flow with the current of life. Letting each moment reveal itself in its majestic splendour, new, fresh and vibrant.

There are no expectations, only a childlike awe at its magic and mystery. It is natural, spontaneous and harmonious with a great sense of freedom.

You simply allow life to take you where you need to be. Resting deeply in the moment with beauty and serenity, listening to the messages that comes from deep within the heart and acting with ease and grace.

It is a precious gift to be able to let go of control and the pushing through life with an agenda, with a plan of how things should work out from beginning to end.

In surrender there is Love and Trust. A trust that everything will work out in the best possible way. A letting go of the intended outcome with an inner knowing that you are deeply cared for and guided by the eternal force of love.

There is a softnes in surrender, a joy and lightness of being.

In Surrender you allow the Divine to speak through your heart, Opening you to the infinite possibilites of your deepest dreams with a radical acceptance of the moment as it is.

~ Ma Tara Palmo


Your Holy Dance

You have come a long way Beloved One. New visions and clarity have been gained after a courageous journey into the darkest corners of your being. A profound initiation where you discovered parts of yourself that had been long neglected.

Grief, pain and sorrow from times of great despair in this life and past, have been accepted and cradled with radical forgiveness and a deep inner knowing that it was a precious gift for your growth. You have embraced yourself with love and compassion and it is now your most cherished sadhana and sacred service to the world.

The path magically unfolds as you go. Moment by moment you honor your heart’s true calling and create a life in Joy and Abundance. The illusion of struggle and suffering is long fading, You know the truth and glory of enLightened living and there is no going back as you stand firmly in your power.

The earth celebrates your holy dance and the flowers bow in reverence to your prophetic song. Walk in confidence brave soul for you are transforming the world with your beauty.

– Ma Tara Palmo

Be a light bearer

Let the Wild Fire of the Goddess Shakti enLighten your life. Feel her stirring from deep within you – awakening you from the trance of inadequacy from the hypnotic paralysed state of hopelessness.

Let her heal your wounds with her warmth and promise of a New Life lived in Love and Acceptance of All that you are.

Be a light-bearer.

You are here on a deep mission, you have a message to us. Let us hear it. Let us feel it. Let us burn in your Bright Fire of Truth and Hope.

Light the path with your Burning Heart.

I bow.. In awe of All that you are

~ Ma Tara Palmo
Photo: Kareva Margarita

Let me bow at your feet

Take a seat Sacred One, let me bow at your feet
I see you sister, your journey’s been long and steep

You have walked this earth calling Her back
You have danced, howled, chanted Her glory

And I see how you have healed your pain and grief.
So very brave to let go of revenge and restore belief

You have shared your magic and healing gifts
In a world desperately in need of a major shift

Rest now for a moment and let me honor you here
I anoint you Holy One, you are held in deep care

Bless you Sacred Sister, I bow deeply at your feet
Your beauty and wisdom, power medicine we need

Rest now for a moment and let me honor you here

~ Ma Tara Palmo

Deep Wild Wisdom

When you surrender and sink deeply into the stillness of the moment, you find trust and inner knowing.

Let the deep wild wisdom of your Heart speak to you. Honour the dreams and visions flowing from Her sacred ocean of infinite possibilities.

She is dancing with you, whispering words of immense guiding force, showing you the path of luminous love creation. She is breathing the longing of your heart into being.

~ Ma Tara Palmo
˙·٠•● ॐ ●•٠·˙

You Are Free

Stay true to your path Sacred One. Live in authenticity, not by the lies and control of those who are afraid – afraid of living, afraid of dying.

Awakening requires courage. Have courage and faith in yourself. Create a life in true magic. You have wings, use them, the sky awaits your divine acrobatic display. Dance for us Divine One, dance for us your Hearts Mystery. You are Free!

~ Ma Tara Palmo
Photo: Pecados Poeticos

Open to the Grace of Love

Allow yourself to soften the boundaries of your heart. Let your breath guide you to your deepest hurt, kiss it tenderly while whispering words of forgiveness.

Let go of your need to control, to dominate to serve the bitter plate of revenge. Let your reluctant tears flow, melting your fear of rejection, of being naked and exposed.

You deserve to be loved. To be seen. To be held.

Offer yourself the gift of Opening, of Being Vulnerable, of Being Real.

Love is waiting to enter. Surrender to its flow of Grace, it holds the most precious moments for you!

~ Ma Tara Palmo

The True Path

If you have been experiencing challenging times and radical transformations in your life, as many of us have these past months, then take your time to find your balance, find stillness and peace, rooted deeply in your center.

Everything that you no longer needed have been beautifully stripped away and you might have been feeling naked and vulnerable as life as you knew it fell apart. This is however a blessed opportunity to find your deepest truth and calling and create a new life aligned with your soul purpose.

How brave of you to choose autheniticity over the lies that kept you small!

Wait for your deep intuition to speak to you. Your True Path will appear by itself when you are centered in the deepest part of your Being.

~ Ma Tara Palmo