You are invited to a very special day in the Dakini Temple.

It is more important than ever that women meet in sacred sister circles to be reminded of our important gifts to the world, of womens immense power and her ability to create and heal.

Many of us feel a deep longing and have memories of a time when the Priestess was an important part of society. She was a channel, a midwife between the spiritual and the earthly, but through thousands of years of patriarchal domination, the woman lost faith in her inner creative power and was convinced that she had to receive knowledge from outside herself. She lost faith in her inner wisdom and light.

I am infinitely grateful for having the opportunity to invite you to a whole day, where we together celebrate your unique, beautiful, feminine gifts. Memories will come alive and you will stand firmly in your power, deeply connected to your heart in devotional service to our world greatly in need of your holy gifts. We have been called to give birth to a new world.

Enter the temple and dance your beautiful heart’s dance together with the wise women, let the masks fall and be seen and heard for who you really are.

I wish you a warm welcome sister!

Stavanger 9th September 2017

~ Ma Tara Palmo