Take a moment to drop deep down into your sacred womb space and breathe deeply, softening and releasing any tensions – while calling in the presence and energy of the Goddess.

Feel how She is rising in your being – allowing the rich feminine energy to flow freely in your body – enlivening you – freeing you from contractions – letting go, resting deeply in the moment just as it is, no doing or forcing anything to happen, simply accepting and surrendering.

Feel her pulsing deeply in your cervix and entire womb area and bring your awareness from the world of busy mind to the wild wisdom and luminous light within.

Allow yourself to breathe even deeper – drawing up the energy from the earth. Feel how She is holding you and blessing you with her nourishing light, filling your entire womb area – softening and opening even deeper.

Affirmation: I BIRTH a world in which I live in deep Peace and Prosperity.

She is rising up to your heart and mind with the Holy Elixir of Life, gifting you with ecstatic Love and Prophetic visions.

Affirmation: I LOVE and I am Loved – I Feel a deep communion with All that is.

I SEE the Inter-Connectedness of All Life and I Act for the benefit of ALL.

Feel this light flowing out the crown of your head up towards the sky, blessing the entire universe. You are the perfect vessel connecting Heaven and Earth, Father and Mother in deep embrace.

Rest in this Sacred Union of your BE’ing

– I AM –

~ Ma Tara Palmo

Photo: Slavicia Kostovski