As I will soon start to wrap up my life in Norway and head for the mystical east, I am feeling into a deep sense of gratitude for all that life gives me, for all the opportunities for growth, and deepening into love that this magical dance offers.

I usually dont know what awaits me in regards to work when I come back from my long and intense journeys in the world.
I put a strong intention of where I can be of service at this moment in time, surrender and open up to accept whatever comes, trusting that it will be aligned with divine will.

I have spent these past 4 months in a psychiatric ward and it has been such a blessing.

One of the biggest lessons was being reminded of how the mind too easily can judge the appearence of others and let fear be in the way of embracing our sisters and brothers surrounding us in our daily life.

I used to be quite scared of a particular person for years and I would do a little detour if I saw him as I had quite a scary encounter with him quite some years ago. He had a wild appearance and one could clearly see he was living a hard life.

It just so happened to be that he ended up being one of my patients, I would be with him almost every day at work for about 6 weeks. A very powerful journey from his arrival, where he was tormented in psykosis and paranoia, and would scream out loud ’MY SOUL IS CRYING’, tearing open his shirt pointing to his heart, ’I AM SO LONELY’!

A deeper trust developed between us and he started to open up and share many things about his life. I was amazed to get to know the depth of this beautiful being, how he would enjoy sitting in the cathedral in quiet reflection and his deep love of nature.

If we were outside walking he would stop and observe the trees, flowers, plants and birds. And he had such generosity and consideration of others, he would offer his plate of food to others, if he thought there were not enough for everyone.

It turns out that he had lost his family very early on and he had no friends and was walking alone outside from early morning till late evening for years and years and it was taking its toll.

I am so grateful to call this man my heart brother, and we are so happy to see each-other when we meet, feeling a deep heart connection. Life has this magical way of bringing to us what we are most afraid of so that it can heal in the luminous light of love and trust.

With a deeply grateful heart I offer thanks to the divine for this opportunity to heal fears and judgments and for the immense beauty this man revealed to me.

~ Ma Tara Palmo